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Displayport to HDMI Cable Adapter, 8K@60Hz, 16ft/5m
Displayport to HDMI Cable Adapter, 8K@60Hz, 16ft/5m
Displayport to HDMI Cable Adapter 16ft/5m
Model No.: 1096
This is Displayport to HDMI Cable Adapter with USB Power Cable, support the latest standards HDMI, DSC1.2A, HDCP2.3, HDR (need host and monitor support to achieve these functions), output resolution up to 8K@60Hz. DisplayPort to HDMI cable transmits data from Displayport output to HDMI input for video streaming or gaming. NOTE: not bidirectional, only from DisplayPort to HDMI. This Displayport 1.4 to HDMI Cable Adapter is a good choice for people who work with a HDMI monitor from home, offering you extra screen real estate.
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Input: Displayport

Output: HDMI

W/WSC: 8K@60Hz 

W/O DSC: 8K@30Hz

USB2.0 Power supply connects to the USB/F port on the display. Provides 5V/1A power supply through the USB2.0 port.

Product Features:

1. DP to HDMI support resolution up to 7680x4320@60Hz. Please check your devices if both support this resolution when you want such a UHD picture quality.

2. This Adapter is compatible with all Displayport OUTPUT devices and HDMI input devices.

3. Support graphics card :NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080TI host NVIDIA GeForce GTX2060TI host NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070TI host AMD WX3100 host AMD RX560 Series host and so on.

4. Plug and Play in extended mode and mirror mode.


Input: Displayport

Output: HDMI

Certificate: ROHS.REACH

Material: ABS

Length: 3000mm

Package Contents:

1x Displayport to HDMI Cable Adapter

1x User Manual

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