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USB Type C to HDMI Cable, 16ft/5M Cable with 4K@120Hz
USB Type C to HDMI Cable, 16ft/5M Cable with 4K@120Hz
USB Type C to HDMI Cable 16ft/5M
Model No.: 1221
This product is USB Type C to HDMI Cable. Connect USB-C devices and laptops with this USB-C to HDMI Cable to get up to vividly sharp 8K resolution at 60Hz and 4K at 120Hz, experience premium audio and visuals for work or entertainment. Compatible with Chromebook, MacBook, PC, and other USB-C host devices via Plug and Play and supports HDR, DSC, and HDCP2.2 to view copyrighted content from iTunes and Netflix.
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Input: USB-C

Output: HDMI

Product Features:

1. This USB-C to HDMI 8K Cable allows you to conveniently connect your gaming laptop, MacBook, Chromebook, or tablet to an 8K UHD / 4K 120Hz external monitor, 8K UHDTV, projector and other display device using an HDMI input.

2. This cable offers the latest USB-C to 8K or 4K 120Hz HDMI connection, letting you connect an HDMI display to a gaming laptop, tablet, or phone that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode, for a plug and play connection.

3. Ideal accessory for Windows laptops, MacBook, and Chromebook computers with a USB-C port.

4. 16ft (5m) high quality USB-C cable.

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