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Details about DisplayPort to Dual HDMI MST 4K Hub Splitter, Multi Monitor Splitter 0933

Fullink DisplayPort to Dual HDMI  4K 60Hz MST Adapter allows a DisplayPort enabled device to connect to two HDMI enabled TVs, Projectors, or displays for video mirroring, video extension, or viewing a single video image across two displays. The MST hub is perfect for graphic design, spreadsheet analysis, digital signage applications, and gaming. Improve multitasking and increase productivity by configuring the hub to work as a splitter with the same video image on each display, extending a video image to multiple displays, or expanding a video image by joining multiple monitors together as one display.

The Multi Monitor Splitter is ideal for a multiple display desk setup and the lightweight, small form factor, also makes it easy to carry while traveling or just on the go. The MST 4K Hub Splitter supports resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz or 1080p at 120Hz when connected to dual displays.

The MST 4K Hub Splitter will enable true RGB color without the visual color degradation that occurs in other color formats that use sub-sampling. When audio is desired, the DisplayPort adapter will also transmit up to 8-channel audio for immersive audio and video experience. Transmits video over dual HDMI single or simultaneously. Extended display mode is supported only for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Currently, Apple macOS does not support (EST) Extended mode.

Note: This Multi Monitor Splitter requires additional external power. The power cable must be connected to USB 3.0 to provide adequate power to the adapter, USB 2.0 is NOT supported (USB Cable Included). This MST hub is DP 1.4 and 1.2 compliant. The source device video card and display must support DP 1.4 and MST.



Input: DisplayPort

Output: 2HDMI

Dimensions: 60 x 49 x 11.3mm

Weight: 90g

Color: Black

Housing material: ABS

Operating temperature: 0℃ to + 40℃

Storage temperature: -10℃ to + 70℃

Relative humidity: 5% to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Certifications/Standards: FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH

Warranty: 1 years limited


* Single HDMI TV\Projector\Monitor supports display resolution up to 4K at 60Hz frame rate 4:4:4 with DSC (Display Stream Compression)

* Dual HDMI TV\Projector\Monitor supports display resolution up to 4K at 60Hz frame rate with DSC (Display Stream Compression)

* Supports HDR, HDR10, HDR10+

* Maximum resolution output is dependent upon the system's capability to support the same and on the peripherals, connecting cables, and display settings for your system. Please refer to the display resolution combination chart to correctly match your requirements with the output.

Package Contents

1x DisplayPort to Dual HDMI MST 4K Hub Splitter

1x User Manual



Medical office

Conference room

Educational facilities

Testing lab

Service counter






MacOS: Does not support MST function and will only mirror the displays.

Integrated GPU: Intel HD 2500/4000 this adapter will work only in Mirror Mode SST. Mirror Mode for all Intel HD Graphics (Celeron/Pentium CPU-GPU) Intel HD Graphics 2000 (iCore DC/QC Intel 7 Series Express Chipset CPU-GPU combo).

Multi-Stream Transport (MST) Hub: An MST Hub enables two different display modes on up to two monitors connected to a single DisplayPort output.

Duplicate Mode: You can connect a single display at resolutions up to 4K@60Hz to mirror your computer's desktop.

Extended Desktop Mode: Connect two monitors and the hub will automatically extend the image to span the two displays at resolutions up to 4K@60Hz for each display.


1. Desktop computer or laptop with an available DisplayPort 1.4 Dual-mode output.

2. Compatible with NVIDIA Surround technology or AMD Eyefinity graphics adapter and they are required to support Panoramic Video Wall mode.

3. The USB power source (5V/1000mA).